6 Tips to Clear the ITIL4 Foundation Exam


6 Tips to Clear the ITIL4 Foundation Exam

The ITIL exam is one of the most sought-after certifications in the service management sector and is accepted worldwide. If you’re wondering how to pass the ITIL4 foundation exam, you are not alone. There are a lot of candidates who appear for the exam, but only a handful of them pass. This does not mean you should give up. There are ways you can ease your prepping process and clear the exam on your very first attempt.

What is the ITIL 4 Foundation Exam?

ITIL 4 is the latest version of the ITIL framework, which is used worldwide to deliver effective IT support and services. AXELOS released the version at the beginning of 2019. The ITIL exam is an entry-level certification that evaluates your general understanding of ITIL concepts.

The certification course content will help you become more familiar with the best practices and concepts of ITIL service lifecycle management. Any interested individual can take the ITIL4 foundation exam as there are no eligibility requirements to sit for the exam.

The ITIL certification consists of five levels and the ITIL Foundation exam is a prerequisite to taking higher-level exams. The exam consists of 40 questions with a 60-minute time limit. You must score at least 65% on the ITIL4 Foundation exam to become certified.

Here are a few tips that will help you pass the Foundation exam.

1. Find out about the ITIL4 certification course

Before taking the ITIL 4 Foundation exam, you must complete the ITIL Foundation course. You can learn from a training provider or learn it all on your own, both options work well. But if you want to ace the ITIL 4 Foundation and start with an intermediate level right away, then getting the training would be a good choice. You can choose to study under certified instructors who will help you understand the ITIL lifecycle better and prepare for the exam with effective tips and tricks. 

There are many flexible training sessions and online courses available, so you can have the ease of balancing your work and dedicated study time. Many training centers offer various live classrooms and peer-to-peer learning options.

To ensure that you score highly in the ITIL foundation certifications exam, it is better to know how much time you’ll need to cover all the topics and take the exam within a few days of completing the course.

2. Take up Practice Tests

You’ll gain a great deal of confidence when you’ve mastered 50% of the concepts and theories in ITIL. You must not skip this part as it’s vital to learn as much as possible before taking the exam. By taking practice tests, you can validate your learning and prepare accordingly, so that you won’t be overwhelmed on exam day. 

The questions you feel least confident about are the ones you must focus on most and keep practicing them until you get 90% of them right. You can practice tests online for free with Certifications Made Easy here.

3. Think from an ITIL Perspective

Answer the exam questions from an ITIL perspective. Don’t answer the questions on personal experiences, or how your organization operates. The ITIL4 Foundation exam tests your understanding of ITIL as presented in the official study guides.

The goal of ITIL4 is to test your understanding of the lifecycle and capability modules, as well as your knowledge of key info, abbreviations, and jargon. By mastering these terminologies, you can ensure that you have a solid grasp of the various components of the framework, making it easier to tackle the exam’s questions.

4. Memorize the Keywords

Some important keywords may frequently appear in the exam. Certain ITIL concepts are closely associated with certain keywords. Memorizing these keywords will help you find the section of the ITIL framework that answers your question more quickly.

For example, in the exam, if a question is about marketing or setting policies and objectives, then it is Service Strategy. If you see a question referring to a word like negotiate, then it is the Service Level Management process. If you find words like ‘fairness’ or ‘policy,’ then it’s all about Governance.

5. Take your time to read the Questions

During the exam, take your time and read the questions carefully before making any decisions. Make sure you fully understand what is being asked in questions. There will be no tricky questions, but some phrases may easily misguide you. You will have at least 26 correct answers out of the 40, all of them being multiple-choice questions with four answer options each and there is always exactly only one correct answer. 

Time is the essence of this test. Guessing a lot will cause you to lose time especially if you’ve been guessing incorrectly. Many questions have the same concept just phrased differently, so if one question has you stumped, go ahead and guess on all other questions till you come back and revisit some of your choices at the end. This makes it easier for the right answer to jump out at you. It’s much better to attempt the questions as you don’t lose marks for incorrect answers, but make sure to come back to these at the end.

6. Sleep well and Relax

It’s always a good idea to get a good night’s sleep before an exam so you don’t show up exhausted. Try not to study all day—watch your favorite film, read a book, or hang out with family. If you follow this advice and do your preparation, you’ll feel calm and ready to face the exam.

You have an hour to answer 40 multiple-choice questions, so there should be enough time to think over any questions that are difficult for you. Don’t get discouraged if the first few questions are more difficult than the rest—the difficulty level will range from simple to complicated.

Don’t change an answer unless you realize you misinterpreted a question, as your gut instinct is often right. Remember not to rush through the exam and only answer once (even if it seems like the question has additional instructions).

Best of luck with your exam!

These tips can help you be prepared and even ace the ITIL4 Foundations exam. By enrolling for the exam and acquiring ITIL4 certification, you can gain confidence in your knowledge about the ITIL foundation framework and its real-life practices.

If you need help learning or want a comprehensive course that can help you understand the key concepts. Find the leading ITIL training providers to accelerate your ITIL journey right now and get all your questions for ITIL4 questions answered.

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