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What is MSP®?

MSP® or Managing Successful Programme is a proven program management framework that lets you organize complex programs and make them more manageable. Programmes consist of a specific set of projects identified to deliver a strategic goal, or set of objectives for an organization.

The nature of today’s organizations is constantly changing. Successful companies have learned how to transform themselves through effective leadership and strategic control. It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to lead transformations through program management. The MSP® Certification validates that you have a deep understanding of the programme management principles, governance themes, and transformational flows.

With MSP® certification, candidates demonstrate more effective program management skills, increased adaptability, and flexibility in volatile and dynamic work environments.

Accreditation of MSP® Certification

The Managing Successful Programmes® Certification is accredited by Axelos Global Practices. Management strategies are devised by Axelos to keep pace with the continually changing dynamics of organizations. They are committed to nurturing best practices and empowering organizations to leave their stamp in this era of fierce competition through this certification, they aim to create strong fundamentals and impressive credentials for interested professionals committed to excelling in the Project/ Programme management field.

Benefits of MSP®

Becoming an MSP® certified professional is an exciting yet challenging process. Numerous companies in different industries need skilled Programme Managers to help them reach their objectives and achieve transformational change. As such, you will not only be able to improve your career prospects with an MSP® certification but you’ll also significantly boost your earning potential. Additional benefits include:

Target Audience

Professionals or individuals involved in program-related jobs can enhance their career prospects with this certification. This includes all types of program managers, including:

The Key Elements of MSP®

The MSP® framework is based on three core concepts: the principles, the governance theme, and the transformational flow processes.

The MSP® Governance Theme

An organization’s approach to program management is defined here. Having a governance theme allows an organization to put in place the right leadership, delivery team, organizational structures, and controls, ensuring maximum success. The management of a programme must be flexible and based on informed decision-making. Key roles include:

The MSP® Transformational Flow

There are four fictional scenarios in each chapter of MSP 5th Edition. MSP® can be tailored according to the specific “reasons” or “drivers” of each program. These include:

MSP® Scenarios

This outlines the path from the conception of a programme through the delivery of new capabilities, outcomes, and benefits.

MSP® Certifications Scheme Exam Format
MSP® Foundation Certification

With the MSP® Foundation exam, you will be able to demonstrate that you understand and know the MSP® method well enough to work effectively as a member of a programme management team within an environment that supports MSP®.

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Each paper consists of 75 questions and carries one mark.
  • You need to score 35 out of 70 questions or 50% to pass. (5 questions are for trial purposes and will not be counted for the final score)
  • This exam takes a total of 60 minutes.
  • The exam is closed book with outside assistance allowed.
MSP® Practitioner Certification

The Practitioner level provides you with the knowledge to not only understand and use MSP® but also to tailor it for your specific needs. MSP® Practitioner is designed to assess whether you understand and can apply MSP® in a range of different programme management environments and scenarios.

  • Objective testing
  • The exam paper contains 8 questions
  • You need to score 40 marks out of 80 or 50% to pass.
  • The total duration of the exam is 2 hours 30 minutes
  • The exam is in an open-book format. You are allowed to refer to the MSP official guide during the exam.
MSP® Advanced Practitioner Certification

MSP® Advanced Practitioner Certification is designed for MSP® Practitioners who are looking to take the next step and show they can lead a programme of transformation by applying the MSP® guidance in complex programs within an MSP® environment. The MSP® Advanced Practitioner Certification is suitable for all levels of project managers, including senior project officers, program managers, those leading portfolios or programs, business continuity managers, and other program managers.

  • Essay based questions

  • You must attempt up to 3 questions per paper for a total of 75 marks.

  • You need to score 38 marks or 50% to pass. ● The duration of the exam is 3 hours.

  • The exam is in an open-book format and you are allowed to refer to notes, presentations, etc.
Eligibility Requirements MSP® Certification Validity How to get MSP® Certified?

There are no set prerequisites to take the MSP® Foundation Certification exam. However, you must clear the foundation level exam to be able to sit for the Practitioner level exam. Before taking the certification examination, one must agree to the terms and conditions outlined by the accredited organization to ensure their eligibility for the certification. Candidates who have passed the practitioner-level exam are eligible to take the Advanced Practitioner exam. The Advanced Practitioner level is the final certification milestone. In contrast to the first two levels, the third is essay-based and aims to evaluate a candidate's ability to apply the concepts in a given scenario.

There is no specific expiration date for the Foundation level exam of the MSP® Certification. The certification of professionals who pass the next two levels -the Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner levels -is valid for five years. MSP® Advanced Practitioners are required to re-register within 3-5 years of their original certification.

There are two ways to obtain the MSP® certification: classroom or online training with AXELOS' Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs). Do self-study with the manual, then book an exam directly with PeopleCert. You can find more information about MSP® certification at

Certifications Made Easy



Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-304

(2 ratings)
All Levels
What you'll learn
The Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301 is one of the most sought-after Azure accreditations. Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and service through Microsoft-managed data centers.
The certification Architect teaches the most advanced approaches in the Azure platform. You will learn about how to manage Azure resources, configure, and deploy virtual machines and networks while mastering data storage options, securing data, and much more.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Benefits</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">The certification course is highly beneficial for practitioners using Azure. It helps you develop the necessary skills and become a great solution architect. Providing the solution architect, the ability to accomplish the technical skills from determining workload requirement, design for identity and security, data platform solution, business continuity strategy. Including design for deployment, migration, and integration, and design for infrastructure strategy.
On completion of the certification course, aspirants can expect professional growth, gain better employment opportunities in global companies, and successfully accomplish cloud initiatives with a greater understanding of best practices in Azure.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Why your need Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301 certification course validates your proficiency in the Microsoft Azure architecture Design space and the hottest IT skill. The course framework helps you gain more knowledge and experience to design the necessary infrastructure and workflows for design identity management, design data solution, migration, business continuity strategy, deployment, migration, and integration.
Microsoft Azure design architects work with concepts, Azure services, and various scenarios to provide the necessary outputs. In a nutshell, Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ 301 training and certification exam help you become a great Azure solution architect.
Start your prep journey and get certified with Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301 by utilizing the free mock exams with Certifications Made Easy.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">AUDIENCE</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">
Microsoft Azure Architect design AZ 301 can be pursued by
<ul class="tutor-course-target-audience-items">
<li>Solution Architects</li>
<li>Azure Architects</li>
<li>IT Administrators</li>
<li>Solution design engineers</li>
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">What is Cloud Computing?</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">Cloud Computing is an in-demand technology that provides access to various resources over the internet. A cloud service provider generally has massive data centers that contain hundreds of servers, storage systems, and other components crucial to many types of organizations. Located in secure areas, these data centers hold a large amount of data. Users connect to these data centers to collect or use data when needed.
Machine learning, data analysis, smart storage, content streaming, and more can all be accomplished using cloud computing. It offers both safe storage and scalability at the same time. Cloud computing service providers can achieve significant economies of scale by delivering the same services to a wide range of customers.

ITIL® 4 Foundation Training Course

All Levels
What you'll learn
ITIL 4 ® is a highly recognized certification in IT Service Management. The certification aims to enable an IT professional to support their organization on their journey to digital transformation. It enables aspirants to have a holistic approach to an end-to-end operating model and successfully navigate the modern digital world. ITIL 4® incorporates all the best learnings from ITIL® (the ultimate in IT best practice). It is hugely anticipated evolution to the ITIL® framework as it builds on the core elements of ITIL®. The course is designed as an introduction to ITIL 4® and teaches IT Service Management(ITSM) through a Service Value System (SVS). It improves understanding of the purpose and components, activities of the service value chain, and how they interconnect. The certification courses helps you have a clear understanding of the ITIL ® framework and therefore help enhance the quality of IT service management with one’s organization.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Benefits</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">The ITIL ® framework has been widely adopted as the leading framework for ITSM. The ITIL 4 ® certification program aims to enhance career prospects by teaching them how to drive business value through best practices in IT.
ITIL 4 ®, the latest version of ITIL, emphasizes the concept of transforming demand into value by addressing it effectively through effective ITSM practices rather than service management. Upon the completion of the ITIL 4 ®, certification an IT professional will have the combination of real-world experience and theoretical knowledge. This is what provides ITIL® certified professionals an advantage in the job market and enhance their career prospects by obtaining the necessary technical skills and experience.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Why you need ITIL 4®?</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">The ITIL 4 ® certification is an introductory course that enables IT professionals to manage IT services from end-to-end for the creation, delivery, and continuous improvement of tech-enabled products and numerous services. There are four certification level within the ITIL 4® scheme
<ul class="tutor-course-target-audience-items">
<li>ITIL4® Foundation</li>
<li>ITIL4® Managing Professional</li>
<li>ITIL 4® Strategic leader</li>
<li>ITIL® Master </li>
ITIL 4 ® describes processes, checklists, tasks that can be applied to any organization towards strategic governance. It enables the aspirants to align multiple service providers with an organization's goals of delivering optimal service alongside the industry best practices.
These certifications, helps cover key concepts from Agile, DevOps, Organizational Change Management, to help you deliver top notch business value. Ensures exposure to the four dimensions of service management.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">AUDIENCE</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">
ITIL 4 ® certification course is for aspiring IT service management professionals. The certification is best suited for:
<ul class="tutor-course-target-audience-items">
<li>Application Managers</li>
<li>Quality Analysts</li>
<li>IT Executives/IT Architects</li>
<li>Database Administrators </li>
<li>Audit Managers</li>
<li>IT Professionals</li>
<li>IT developers /Managers</li>
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">What is ITIL®?</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework for implementing IT services into a business, including selecting, planning, delivering, maintaining, and managing them. The ITIL ® framework was originally developed in the late 1980s and is currently managed by AXELOS. It has undergone several rounds of iterations since its initial publication. The goal is to improve efficacy and achieve predictable results.
Best practices of ITIL® are used in digital transformation and technology initiatives. ITIL® enables companies to realize their benefits faster by defining processes and enabling them with the right technology. ITIL strives to optimize resources and continuously improve existing processes. It also helps organizations adopt only those practices that make sense for their situation and change to growth.

PRINCE2 Certification

(6 ratings)
All Levels
What you'll learn
PRINCE2® (Projects IN a Controlled Environment) is a globally recognized methodology for managing resources and risks in project management. PRINCE2® certification exam validates your skills and boosts earning potential. With strategic preparation and training, you can easily succeed in your PRINCE2® Foundation/Practitioner certification exam like Pro.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Benefits</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">Projects IN a Controlled Environment (PRINCE2®) is a recognized professional certification that applies to any project within public or private sector companies. It is one of the widely accepted methodologies for managing projects with proven best practices.
PRINCE2 is a flexible framework that promotes consistency in project work and the reuse of assets. It also facilitates staff mobility and reduces the impact of personnel changes. Ensures the planning objectives and decision-making are accurately represented by the team members and the organization's stakeholders.
PRINCE2® certification is a registered trademark of Axelos, a joint venture founded by the Government of the United Kingdom. The certification exams are administered by PeopleCert. Project Management practitioners who complete the exams under the foundation and practitioner levels can receive PRINCE2® certification.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Why you need PRINCE2®?</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">Over the years, the demand for PRINCE2® certified professionals is on a significant rise. The exam is highly coveting to be beneficial for professionals and organizations worldwide. PRINCE2® can transcend your project management profession to a whole new level and offers you the ability to lead the project teams with competency as well as outstanding internal personal skills.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">AUDIENCE</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">
PRINCE2 Certification is designed for individuals and professionals in project management. Any aspiring project manager can take up the course to achieve their project goals. The job profile includes,
<ul class="tutor-course-target-audience-items">
<li>Project managers</li>
<li>Program Managers</li>
<li>Business Analysts</li>
<li>Engineering Leads</li>
<li>Project Team members</li>
<li>Project leads</li>
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">What is Project Management?</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">According to the PRINCE2® definition, “Project Management is the planning, delegating, monitoring, and control of all aspects of the project and the motivation of those involved to achieve the project objectives within the expected performance targets such as time, cost, quality, scope, benefits, and risk.”
Project Management is essential for the governance over the specialist work required to create a well-approached project and fulfill the goals from the start to end of a project.
On-Demand Project Management skills
As every project involves a high degree of monitoring and risk in business activities, it is an investment that is highly valuable. Project management frameworks are set up for a consistent, well-established, and secure approach to meet business demands.

PMP Certification

(3 ratings)
All Levels
What you'll learn
The Project Management Professional is an industry-recognized project management certification. PMP® certification is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. This certification demonstrates the skills, knowledge, and competency required by project managers. The certification enables Project Managers (PM) to establish specific rules and procedures for the successful completion of projects. Over the years, PMP® Certification has become the de facto international standard for PM’s and the credential of choice in most sectors and organizations across the world.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Benefits</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">Getting PMP® certification offers both tangible and intangible benefits for your career growth of becoming a successful project manager. Regardless of the professional background and industry, PMP® certification lets you stand out from the crowd with rewarding benefits like salary hikes, network with other professionals, and contribute to the project management community. PMP® certification is a universally recognized symbol of excellence. Additionally, companies with certified PMP® consultants on board are more likely to complete projects on time and within budget.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Why you need PMP®?</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">PMP® certification helps you gain a competitive edge through validation of the project leadership skills employers often seek. PMP® certification helps in supercharging your skills and career as a project leader. The PMP® certification helps project managers emphasize strategic approaches to balance the project constraints and business knowledge. On completion of the training and certification, you will be equipped with skills to design, organize, execute, and drive project success in any industry regardless of the project size or complexity.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">AUDIENCE</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">
PMP certification is most suitable or professionals in project management but not limited to,
<ul class="tutor-course-target-audience-items">
<li>Project/Program Managers</li>
<li>Senior Consultants</li>
<li>Senior Project Managers</li>
<li>CTO/CIO / Vice President</li>
<li>IT Heads and Senior IT Managers</li>
<li>Project leads</li>
<li>Business Analysts</li>
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">What is Project Management?</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">Project management is on demand as management oriented skills and jobs are in raise. Project management is the application of processes, methods, skills and knowledge and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance standards. The key factor is delivering the project within a finite timespan. <br />
Project management is associated with fields such as engineering, healthcare, information technology, construction and more companies that have complex components that must be completed to create a highly functioning product/solution. One of the primary roles of the project managers is to monitor the quality control checks to ensure completed components meet a certain standard within the given timeframe.

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