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Frequently Asked Questions

About Certifications Made Easy (CME)

Certifications Made Easy is an educational portal, one stop destination for information pertaining to Certifications. The mock exams and practice tests a simple prep tool to help aspirants prepare for competitive certification exams. CME is also a hub of top notch training organizations in different parts of the world that could help you reach your goals Faster.

CME is an absolutely FREE prep platform!  Register now to take all your mock exams for free on CME. To complete the process, you will be required to provide your name, email address, password, or social login to receive your Preplab account activation email.

You will find quality questions and training guides here to help you prepare for certifications like PRINCE2, PMP, Agile, and ITIL amongst others. Practicing with our simulated mock exams can improve your scores and confidence. Grab your success instantly with our free registration.

We envisage ourselves as an all-in-one destination for all certification exam preps. We provide professionals and corporate clients with engaging learning experiences that include mock exams, practice test series, LMS and more.

Like to join us? Write to

We are one of the most trusted mock exam and question series providers. CME is a platform to ease your certificate exam preparations. We associate with top training organizations and certified professionals who have years of experience under their belt. With them, we help you succeed in a professional certification exam preparations for FREE!!.

By practicing the verified mock test series, you can reap the ultimate benefits of passing the certification exam in your first attempt. You can simply take a mock test, submit your answers, and get an instant performance report with areas to improve.

CME is simple. You can start with a sample test that contains 10 questions to know how CME can help you. Speed up your preparations with a quick registration process. And you can leverage Mock exams, practice questions series, training/exam center details, and a lot more useful study materials to power your prep score.

Follow the steps to see how CME works.
  • 1. Choose the exam of your choice on CME and Register for free.
  • 2. Engage with vast reading reserve for the chosen certification of choice.
  • 3. Prepare for the mock exam with practice questions.
  • 4. Take a live Mock Exam
  • 5. Get Results & Test analysis to identify the areas of improvement
Repeat the steps until you reach optimal scores in your mock exams

CME’s Preplab comprises some of the highly beneficial features to speed up your exam preparations. Some of the notable features include a real-time exam environment (With/ without timer), explore top training institutes, exam center information, study materials, get notified on exam updates, and everything you will need in one place.

On activating the registration on CME, you will get:

  • Unlimited Access
  • Live Mock exams with/without timer
  • Instant reports
  • Personalized test analysis
  • Notifications & Updates

Getting Started

You should provide your username, email address, and password to set up a CME account. Register now for CME Account and enjoy free access to helpful study materials.

Upon registration check your inbox, you will receive a link to activate the account. Once your email has been verified, you can access CME’s Preplab account.

In most cases, these three factors can hamper a successful login.
  1. Invalid Email address can be one of the things you can consider. Ensure you type in your active email account id.
  2. Wrong password or username – You can try retrieving your account by resetting your password. Place your request for a password reset.
  3. Problems in receiving the account activation email. Check your inbox and spam section.

If you have any other problems, drop us your queries at   We will always get back to you.

The only way to activate your CME account is through the activation email. Check the spam folder and the updates section or register again with another work or personal email. If you still face the problem, write to we will look for ways to help you out.

Your email address will be verified during registration. You can change or get to your email for verification in your profile settings.

  1. Login to your Profile
  2. Select Edit option
  3. Scroll down and find the email box
  4. Change your email and click on the Save Changes

To reset your password, click on Reset Password, which requires your registered email address. Check your inbox for the password reset email from the CME team. Open the email and tap on the “Reset my password” button to change your password.

No, you can’t merge two different CME accounts.

Login to your account and choose your mock exam course. Please leave your comment in the reviews section. After you click the submit button, you can’t edit your comment.

If you wish to leave feedback on your experience with the CME, you can leave it on the Contact Us page. Kindly e-mail us with your detailed questions or suggestions at

After you request deletion of your account, all your information will be permanently deleted, and you won’t be able to retrieve it. To deactivate your CME account:

  1. Login to your CME account
  2. Go to edit profile setting
  3. Scroll down to disable my account
  4. Select an option from the drop-down nest to why are disabling your account
  5. Click on Delete my account

However, a copy of your information could be stored in our backup storage. But other users won’t have access to it. Learn more about this in our Privacy Policy.

If you don’t want push notifications, you can turn them off or on at any time. To disable push notifications:

  • Click on your profile picture at the top of the website.
  • Select the “Notifications” option and adjust your setting

About Mock Exams @ CME

CME comprises mainly three types of free test options:
  • Sample Tests – The sample tests contain 10 questions. They are accessible for guest users.
  • Practice Tests – It is a set of practice questions designed to help you prepare for a particular certification. They are accessible only to registered users.
  • Mock Exams – It includes three sets of simulated tests that give you a real-time exam experience. Without timer options are available. However, if you choose the timer method, the mock test will be submitted automatically when the timer runs out.

Choose the mock exam option from the menu on the header of the website. You will find our mock exam offerings there. You can select the certification category you need to prepare for by selecting the relevant one. Click on the enroll button on the page containing the required information to take the online test.

  • Login to your account
  • Click on your profile picture and go to “settings”
  • Make changes to your account details.
  • Save the changes to update the information.

Yes, you can use Facebook and Google+ social logins to sign in.


Yes, your information with us is completely safe. Learn more about this from our Privacy policy.


For aspirants pursuing professional certification, CME’s mock exams can be incredibly helpful. It helps you develop skills in time management, manage the pressure during exam and revise effectively. Practice tests and mock exams help you master key concepts. And the LMS would give you clear guidance.

All questions on CME are designed by top accredited training institutions and curated by experts with certifications in the respective fields. All the mock tests are double-verified before they reach you for quality and logical explanation. Know about our partners!

CME is highly compatible with mobile, laptop, desktop, and tablet devices, enabling you to learn anytime, anywhere.

A registered member has unlimited access to all mock exams. Depending on the curriculum changes, the questions might be updated or removed. You can take these mock exams as often as you want. However, if you haven’t signed in for 120 days, the account will be automatically disabled.

Go to the profile settings section at the top of the website and click on the mock exams. You can view a list of the mock exams you have taken in the past and click on the one to view the results with the responses.

The prerequisites for the mock tests vary depending on the particular certificate. Read the overview section of your desired certificate before taking the mock test.

CME’s mock exams are only available online on browser, mobile and ipads.

Begin your preparation with a chapter-by-chapter practice test and learn the right answer from the explanation under each question. Try taking notes and learning them while you go until you reach a high score on your mock exam. This will expand your knowledge of the topics, enhance your time management skills under pressure, and help you pass the exam on the first attempt.

Use practice questions and study materials to re-learn concepts. Keep taking the mock exams until you pass or reach your desired score and refine your preparation strategies.

All Mock exams and practice questions are completely free to use for registered users.

Yes, of course, you can take advantage of our sample tests to see how CME works and how good the questions are in our study materials and question series.

Not necessary. If you are doing self-study or involved in formal training, you can begin practicing questions whenever you wish. If you feel the need for certification training, explore the list of best training institutes to get the extra guidance.

Your answers will be saved automatically, so you don’t have to worry. If you have any problems submitting the mock exams, please let us know at

Yes, you can easily download a customized performance report. This would also be sent by default to your registered email address.


Yes, It is required to complete the full course of practice tests and score above 75% in all three mock exams to get the CME certification.

No, CME is not an accredited institution.

CME’s completion certification brings you a sense of confidence in your exam preparation. It acts as proof that you ready to clear the real certification exam.

You can proudly share with your friends, study community as an accomplishment for your hard work and efforts. Also, enjoy some of the special benefits offered by CME.

Login to your profile and scroll down to My certificates. Click on the download option to obtain your completion certificate.

Yes, of course. On completion of the full course, you will receive a downloadable e-certificate right in your inbox.

No. CME Mock exams are not actual certification exams. It is only for study purposes.

You should instantly receive a certificate of completion or you will find it under “my certifications” in your profile settings. If not, ensure you have completed all the sections of a certificate course in CME.

  • Login to your profile
  • Go to edit settings
  • Correct your User name
  • Click on save changes.

 After a few minutes, your current certificates will be updated with your new username.  

Prep Support

Go to this link to explore the list of best training institutions.


We cover professional certifications such as PRINCE2, PMP, Agile, Scrum, IT certifications, and a lot more. All are the training institutions listed in CME are accredited by the trademark/registered exam administrators.

Yes, it depends on the organization you choose.

Yes, of course. Certifications Made Easy is a one-stop destination offering complete guidance for aspirants in their certificate prep journey. We offer regular updates on the certifications, exam centers, and study materials to empower your study in every way possible.

Registered members have complete access to all the eLearning resources and study material available on the website.

You can always reach us at