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    Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-304

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    The Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301 is one of the …

    What you'll learn
    The Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301 is one of the most sought-after Azure accreditations. Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and service through Microsoft-managed data centers.
    The certification Architect teaches the most advanced approaches in the Azure platform. You will learn about how to manage Azure resources, configure, and deploy virtual machines and networks while mastering data storage options, securing data, and much more.
    <h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Benefits</h4>
    <span class="benefit-text">The certification course is highly beneficial for practitioners using Azure. It helps you develop the necessary skills and become a great solution architect. Providing the solution architect, the ability to accomplish the technical skills from determining workload requirement, design for identity and security, data platform solution, business continuity strategy. Including design for deployment, migration, and integration, and design for infrastructure strategy.
    On completion of the certification course, aspirants can expect professional growth, gain better employment opportunities in global companies, and successfully accomplish cloud initiatives with a greater understanding of best practices in Azure.
    <h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Why your need Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301</h4>
    <span class="benefit-text">Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301 certification course validates your proficiency in the Microsoft Azure architecture Design space and the hottest IT skill. The course framework helps you gain more knowledge and experience to design the necessary infrastructure and workflows for design identity management, design data solution, migration, business continuity strategy, deployment, migration, and integration.
    Microsoft Azure design architects work with concepts, Azure services, and various scenarios to provide the necessary outputs. In a nutshell, Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ 301 training and certification exam help you become a great Azure solution architect.
    Start your prep journey and get certified with Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301 by utilizing the free mock exams with Certifications Made Easy.
    <h4 class="tutor-segment-title">AUDIENCE</h4>
    <span class="benefit-text">
    Microsoft Azure Architect design AZ 301 can be pursued by
    <ul class="tutor-course-target-audience-items">
    <li>Solution Architects</li>
    <li>Azure Architects</li>
    <li>IT Administrators</li>
    <li>Solution design engineers</li>
    <h4 class="tutor-segment-title">What is Cloud Computing?</h4>
    <span class="benefit-text">Cloud Computing is an in-demand technology that provides access to various resources over the internet. A cloud service provider generally has massive data centers that contain hundreds of servers, storage systems, and other components crucial to many types of organizations. Located in secure areas, these data centers hold a large amount of data. Users connect to these data centers to collect or use data when needed.
    Machine learning, data analysis, smart storage, content streaming, and more can all be accomplished using cloud computing. It offers both safe storage and scalability at the same time. Cloud computing service providers can achieve significant economies of scale by delivering the same services to a wide range of customers.