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ITIL® 4 Foundation Training Course

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ITIL 4 ® is a highly recognized certification in IT Service Management. The certification aims to enable an IT professional to support their organization on their journey to digital transformation. It enables aspirants to have a holistic approach to an end-to-end operating model and successfully navigate the modern digital world. ITIL 4® incorporates all the best learnings from ITIL® (the ultimate in IT best practice). It is hugely anticipated evolution to the ITIL® framework as it builds on the core elements of ITIL®. The course is designed as an introduction to ITIL 4® and teaches IT Service Management(ITSM) through a Service Value System (SVS). It improves understanding of the purpose and components, activities of the service value chain, and how they interconnect. The certification courses helps you have a clear understanding of the ITIL ® framework and therefore help enhance the quality of IT service management with one’s organization.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Benefits</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">The ITIL ® framework has been widely adopted as the leading framework for ITSM. The ITIL 4 ® certification program aims to enhance career prospects by teaching them how to drive business value through best practices in IT.
ITIL 4 ®, the latest version of ITIL, emphasizes the concept of transforming demand into value by addressing it effectively through effective ITSM practices rather than service management. Upon the completion of the ITIL 4 ®, certification an IT professional will have the combination of real-world experience and theoretical knowledge. This is what provides ITIL® certified professionals an advantage in the job market and enhance their career prospects by obtaining the necessary technical skills and experience.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">Why you need ITIL 4®?</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">The ITIL 4 ® certification is an introductory course that enables IT professionals to manage IT services from end-to-end for the creation, delivery, and continuous improvement of tech-enabled products and numerous services. There are four certification level within the ITIL 4® scheme
<ul class="tutor-course-target-audience-items">
<li>ITIL4® Foundation</li>
<li>ITIL4® Managing Professional</li>
<li>ITIL 4® Strategic leader</li>
<li>ITIL® Master </li>
ITIL 4 ® describes processes, checklists, tasks that can be applied to any organization towards strategic governance. It enables the aspirants to align multiple service providers with an organization's goals of delivering optimal service alongside the industry best practices.
These certifications, helps cover key concepts from Agile, DevOps, Organizational Change Management, to help you deliver top notch business value. Ensures exposure to the four dimensions of service management.
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">AUDIENCE</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">
ITIL 4 ® certification course is for aspiring IT service management professionals. The certification is best suited for:
<ul class="tutor-course-target-audience-items">
<li>Application Managers</li>
<li>Quality Analysts</li>
<li>IT Executives/IT Architects</li>
<li>Database Administrators </li>
<li>Audit Managers</li>
<li>IT Professionals</li>
<li>IT developers /Managers</li>
<h4 class="tutor-segment-title">What is ITIL®?</h4>
<span class="benefit-text">ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework for implementing IT services into a business, including selecting, planning, delivering, maintaining, and managing them. The ITIL ® framework was originally developed in the late 1980s and is currently managed by AXELOS. It has undergone several rounds of iterations since its initial publication. The goal is to improve efficacy and achieve predictable results.
Best practices of ITIL® are used in digital transformation and technology initiatives. ITIL® enables companies to realize their benefits faster by defining processes and enabling them with the right technology. ITIL strives to optimize resources and continuously improve existing processes. It also helps organizations adopt only those practices that make sense for their situation and change to growth.